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Determination, Creation and Imagination carried me on the way of the Artisane adventure. Then has me small company of Creation of Jewels, Accessoires and Home Decoration at sight the day in 2009.
The personality of Lauroza Création makes of it a single person who likes to divert, recover objects to give again the one second youth to them, as to dress itself in a jewel that nobody carries, a single jewel which resembles to him.
All the jewels of Lauroza Création are entirely made with the hand. My imagination becomes my inspiration with a very particular attachment for the association of the colors and the lightness of the jewel.
The style, at the same time Traditional, Aérien with a bit of Originality with a very particular attachment for the association of the colors make the universe of Lauroza Création, which is placed at your disposal, to return to you SINGLE.
With the wire of time, quite strange pearls, buttons, finishes and other matters accumulated in boxes then were transformed into collars, earrings, bracelets, rings and other small sympathetic objects.
Ludic, creative and discovered potential of the various matters make parties of my universe and in particular that of the durable development by the recycling and the rebirth of old object by transforming them or quite simply by customisant them.
To recycle, Relooker: Economy/Ecology